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About Us

"An Informative & Reliable" Magazine

With the flow of tremendous digital contents, news and information on the Internet, MixPlay Magazine was established recently in 2021, aiming to provide you with the latest news and valuable insights on trends around the world via its digital newsletters. 

The team behind MixPlay Magazine consists of professionals and editors who have good understanding towards "what is happening around the world" today, thus are enthused to deliver interesting topics with valuable insights and quality information to its readers from time to time. 

Our multimedia and newsletter productivity focuses highly on quality rather than quantity. Regular readers who are accessing to our source of information often come back for more; awaiting for the latest newsletter updates. 

MixPlay Magazine is therefore your in definite trusted source of information; for you to find out and explore more on the latest trend and information. 

"We look forward to serve and contribute in making positive impacts towards the digital community."

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